Essential Maintenance Items

1) Dose REEFMAX Super Bacteria Weekly to Clean Water

Dosage: 1 minispoon to 100L of water weekly . 100% Safe and Beneficial for Reef Aquarium . Contains 9 Species of  Beneficial bacteria that feed on waste and removes protein , ammonium and Nitrite to complete the Nitrogen cycle . Feed on fish waste and sediment . Matures New Tank quickly . Reduce harmful bacteria , prevention and cure aquarium disease like finrot , white spots and oodinium  etc.

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2) Use REEFMAX Amophos  + REEFMAX Carbon to Purify aquarium water

Instruction: Change every 2-3 months
Effect: Purifies water and removes toxins , greatly improve corals and fish health. Enhamce clarity of Aquarium water .
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3) Dose REEMAX ABCDEF Weekly

Very important to dose Daily to add KH , Calcium , magnesium , Iodine , Strontium and essential trace elements to maintain aquarium water to seawater parameters. Absolutely importatnt to keep corals and marine fishes and Invert  survive and growth on the long term.
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4) Use a refractometer

This is a esential instrument that will give a accurate and reliable reading after being properly calibrated . Our Refractometer are quality checked and precisely calibrated to give you accurate readings for your marine aquarium . We also provide warranty and viewing lens replacement service and support as well as guide to use it properly .
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5) Regular Seawater change

Changing Aquarium water regularly about every 2 weeks of about 10- 25 % is the fundamental in a successful marine aquarium . The easiest and economical way is to buy a Reefmax Tap Water Purifier and Reefmax Seasalt .
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